PetLife is an Affordable Option for quality Veterinary Care, Grooming and Pet Supplies.

Animal Hospital, Grooming, Pet Supplies

What makes PetLife different?

We strive to provide the best medical care for your pet and to deliver it with care, comfort and compassion.

Accident? Illness? Injury? New Puppy or Kitten? It is our commitment to be affordable and available when you need us for veterinary care, supplies or service, and to provide all at a cost you can afford.

We are open 7 Days a Week and most holidays! Call ahead, or just walk-in! PetLife provides Quality Primary, Preventative/Wellness and Urgent Veterinary Medical Care.

We offer a broad selection of quality nutrition for your pet at affordable prices. Our nutrition expert can help you find the right products suited to the needs of your individual pet. We specialize in Raw Diet, Holistic, Natural food products and treats.

You will also find cages, crates, totes, strollers, exercise pens, leads and collars, harnesses, products for eye staining, natural oils, shampoos and skin conditioners, homeopathic remedies, vitamins and probiotics, training products, clothing department, beds, bandanas, parasite control and products for the special needs of the puppy and kitten through the changing needs of the senior pet.

Everything you need, for the life of your pet at our very accessible and convenient West Palm Beach location.

PetLife Adoption Program

Come see the new faces at PetLife’s “Special Needs Adoption” program! All pets in this program have special (medical) needs. Some are slight, some are significant. All pets are expected to be able to lead happy, full and loving lives.

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