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PetLife Senior Community Program

PetLife can work together to help support the needs of senior community residents and their pets by bringing our services to them. Our Veterinarians will come to the property throughout the year and speak to residents about many topics related to pet health and pet care, routine maintenance and how to avoid costly illness. They will be available for questions from residents regarding the best way to navigate the decisions regarding diet, exercise, preventative care and help find a path to health for their pets.

Service right in your community
The PetLife Senior Program offers wellness events, vaccination & booster clinics, heartworm prevention and free dental disease screening exams.

Senior Program

When your pet needs more than we can provide at your home …

We Supply the Transportation

We will add your 55+ community to our transportation route, and the PetLife driver will come a few times a month to pick up resident’s pets who need services at PetLife. We pick them up and take them to the PetLife Comprehensive Pet Center, where we can provide veterinary medical, surgical, dental or diagnostic care in our state-of-the-art pet hospital.

Our transport also helps seniors access bathing and grooming services… PetLife is home to the $29 Monthly Maintenance Groom! (Each pet must come for grooming service at least once a month to qualify for the $29 Monthly Maintenance Groom)

Everything you need, for the life of your pet!

The PetLife Comprehensive Pet Center includes our State-of-the-Art Veterinary Hospital, Dental Suite, In-House Radiograph and Laboratory, Grooming Salon and Retail Pet Supply Store.

Our store offers drastically discounted products and supplies for cats and dogs. We have a wide but select variety of nutrition, treats, vitamins and supplements, health & beauty products, toys, strollers, training accessories and a fun and fabulous boutique for the discerning pet owner who likes to keep their pet in style!

Why help residents access pet services in your community?

Research shows that most serious diseases for older persons in our community is not cancer or heart disease – it is loneliness and boredom. Pets offer affection, unconditional love, help fight loneliness, and can help ease the loss of a loved one, as they encourage us to get up and keep moving. Pets make a dramatic and drastic difference in our lives as we age. We need to help seniors keep their pets happy and healthy in the most convenient and affordable manner. PetLife wants to help achieve that goal!

The services listed above are offered only for the communities that participate in our “55+ Community Program”

*Pick Up/Drop Off service is a complimentary shuttle, but we ask that you cover a $10 gas fee for round trip service to help us cover the cost of this service.

**Residents taking part in this monthly visit to the community must be a Wellness Plan Holder (VIP Card) or have previously made arrangements with our office. Only Pets with a clinical relationship established can receive services in these on-site visits