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PetLife is your comprehensive option for quality veterinary care, grooming and pet supplies.

What to expect when visiting our clinic

In keeping with the State directive, and in an effort to keep everyone safe and maintain social distancing, PetLife will request all appointments for Veterinary Health Care and Grooming clients maintain curb-side or parking lot check-in and check-out, and that pet families do not enter our PetLife building. When arriving for your pet appointment, when you reach our parking lot, call 561-790-6464, and a staff member will come to your car to collect your pet for services. Grooming client pet owners will be called when the pet is ready for pick-up. Same time frames as usual. You can call ahead to pay for services by phone via credit/debit card, or you are welcome to pay in cash at time of visit, please just have exact change to give our staff when they bring your pet back to you at drop-off or pick-up! All veterinary clients can either wait in parking lot, pet will be collected right from car, and Dr will call owner by phone to discuss findings, and then pet returned to you, or you can drop pet off and come back to pick-up your pet at your convenience, before 4pm that day. We ask that no pet family enter our building, in an effort to keep our staff, as well as our patient families, well and out of harms way! This way we can all maintain social distancing, yet provide our pets all the care and services they need! All Routine surgery such as Spay/Neuter procedures will be postponed in keeping with the State directive. Dental Procedures that are intended for treatment of advanced dental disease will continue as scheduled. If pet families need prescription meds, preventatives. pet food, pet supplies, etc., simply call ahead and we prepare your order, and will carry out to your waiting car anything you may need!! Any family needing emergency care of unstable pet, or should you need to schedule end-of-life euthanasia services, during this challenging time, will be permitted to enter, will be taken right into a private room, and can remain with their pet during services, if they so choose. Our staff will take all precautions to keep such pet owners safe from direct contact in order to maintain appropriate social distancing, while allowing you to remain with your pet. If you have financial issues, that could prevent your pet from getting necessary care, please call ahead and speak to our manager! PetLife aims to be available and prepared, keep our doors open, 7-days a week, as always, to render all services and care needed by our patients, in the most safe, suitable and responsible manner for all!! Please do not hesitate to call our office with any questions, special needs or anything you may need! 561-790-6464- Hospital If any of our PetLife families become ill, or cannot bring a pet in who needs to be seen, we will Make every possible effort to help you assisting with pet transport to/from PetLife, picking up your pet for you and seeing that your pet has every assistance that they may need! We are all one family, and PetLife is committed to doing all we can to see all our families and beloved pets through this unprecedented event! Please note *All pet adoptions have been halted at this time.*
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What makes PetLife different?

We strive to provide the best medical care for your pet and to deliver it with comfort and compassion. Accident? Illness? Injury? It is our commitment to be available when you need us for veterinary care, supplies or service.