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Everything you need for the life of your pet


PetLife is your comprehensive option for quality veterinary care, grooming and pet supplies.

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What makes PetLife different?

We strive to provide the best medical care for your pet and to deliver it with comfort and compassion. Accident? Illness? Injury? It is our commitment to be available when you need us for veterinary care, supplies or service.

Our Dog Grooming Salon Is Second to None!

West Palm Beach’s Highest Quality Dog Grooming & Skin Care Salon!

Treat your pet to our Lifestyle Maintenance Groom*! Come as often as every 2-3 weeks. As low as $29!* This fantastically priced dog grooming West Palm Beach provides your dog with a bath, ear cleaning, nail trim and a fabulous puppy cut or kennel cut.

For those who wait a bit longer before coming in, you can request a Lifestyle Custom or Breed Specific Groom, priced based on the weight of your pet. This will give our dog groomer the time that your pet needs for that breed specific cut, extra time to work with any special needs, mats, scissoring work or the shy/fearful pet. A custom dog grooming is priced on a case by case basis.

The PetLife Shuttle will come to your community, to your door, to pick up and drop off your pet for monthly grooming appointments, veterinary appointments, dental services, boarding visits, or for any other reason your pet needs to be seen in the clinic. The shuttle will bring your pet back at the end of the day, safe and sound!

Keep Your Pet Healthy, Happy and Looking Great. Purchase One of Our Preneed Pet Packages, Today!

Our Wellness Packages are a great way to keep your pet healthy. Here are just a few of our pre-need packages available for purchase.
Family owned and operated, we have a unique opportunity to help you, like no other pet facility. Our patients, local rescues and organizations alike appreciate our high quality care!

Annual Grooming Package

Small and Medium Breed
$ 465
  • Bath
  • Nail Dremmel
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Teeth Brushing
  • Grooming Cut
  • Bow/Bandana

Canine Wellness Health Care Visit

Adult Dogs Over 1
$ 125
  • Comprehensive Annual Physical Exam
  • Office Visit
  • DA2PPV Vaccine
  • Bordetella Vaccine Oral
  • Rabies Vaccine
  • Fecal Evaluation

Puppy Health Care Package

First Year of Life
$ 425
  • Comprehensive Initial Physical Exam
  • Unlimited Office Visits until 6 Mos Old
  • All Vaccination Booster Visits
  • Fecal Examination x 2
  • De-Worming Treatment (Up to 2)
  • Neuter Surgery

We believe, that by caring for all of your pet’s needs, we can offer care in the best manner possible.  Our patients, local rescues and organizations alike appreciate our high quality care.

What Others Are Saying About PetLife

Petlife vet testi

My puppy ate something toxic and was throwing up with diarrhea so we rushed her to petlife. The nice veterinarian ... he’s a great vet I really feel like he cares about his patients. He took care of my dog with everything she needed to get better. It didn’t feel like an assembly line at banfield. He called me multiple times with updates on my puppy’s status. I was able to pick her up that same day...

Happy Cosmos
December 2018
Petlife vet testi 2

Absolutely love this practice, their staff, and doctors. This year alone they have helped care for and save dozens of pups for our non profit rescue. I recommend their services to all that ask .Thank you Pet Life, for being there for our rescues and adopters. Wonderful Place!

Teresa Godin
Feeling Fine Rescue
September 2018
Petlife vet testi 3

Veterinarian Dr. Sayyid is totally professional, extremely knowledgeable and very personable. He treats my 2 Cocker Spaniels as if they were his own. In 50-years I've had 6 Cockers, a Parakeet, 2 cats 1-Siamese 1-Persian-white and countless aquarium & pond fish. I KNOW A GOOD VET WHEN I SEE ONE!

November 2018
Grooming Testimonial

The staff is friendly and attentive to the customers. Javares is great with my puppy’s styling needs-I know he’s not easy to work with! Thank you for the fantastic service.

Priscilla Garzon
Grooming Client
March 2019
Grooming Nail Trim

Javares is AMAZING. He is the dog whisperer. We have been trying to get Mickey cut for awhile. Mickey can be a handful sometimes especially because he is a puppy. Thankfully our baby cooperated and Javares was able to get him cut and he looks great for the holidays.

Monica Torio
Grooming Client
December 2018
Grooming Testimonial 3

Great staff! I was pleased how they handled my dog during his grooming, he can be a handful but they had no problem calming him. Just shows they are very experienced handling animals which is very important to me. Will be taking my dog back soon and looking forward to it!! Thank you PetLife for the great experience!!!

Steven Ofria
Grooming Client
September 2018
Pet Supplies Testi

Just want to thank the staff at Petlife for spending time with me when I was at their business. I just moved into the area from New York. I went to the store to inquire if they carried the same dog food I use for my two dogs. While I was there a woman named Jill ... took time to show me around. She was very informative and helpful. They carried my brand of dog food and the price was spot on.

Peter Maddalone
Pet Supplies Customer
November 2018