Our first Behavior Dog Training Session with Dr. Jose Soto

It was an amazing experience to see that dogs whom typically ruled my home, were actually staying behind the imaginary line he drew behind the new gate.

I have gates and fences all over my home to corral my pack of 5 dogs where I want them to be, and not to be! It was a large area, my kitchen and my family room. Dr. Soto felt it was too big. He chose another area down my hallway that I should begin to use as a corral. I initially thought it was too small for all 5, but he reminded me that the ancestral “wolf” loves to hang in a den. Actually that environment gives dogs comfort and security. So, down came the old gates in my home and he helped me set the new boundaries. He explained that dogs, actually like autistic children, liked and understood lines (aka: boundaries!) He explained that we would teach my pack the boundary of their new den space and that I can teach them the line of the boundary, so that even when the gate is open, they would remain! When I say “home” they will freely run to their corral. This will be a miracle! We spent time practicing the 3 new words, “home” “stay” “outside”.

It was an amazing experience to see that dogs whom typically ruled my home, were actually staying behind the imaginary line he drew behind the new gate. I practiced over and over again with different scenarios. Sitting in a chair, gate open, he ringing the doorbell, and the dogs stayed behind the line! Amazing to behold. The dogs clearly understood the command from the very first time. Dr. Soto explained, dogs understand a lesson the very first or second time. It is about repetition, practice and them learning that there would be consequences when they don’t adhere to the new rule.

He next worked with me and feeding. He explained that going forward, all food must be given one dog at a time, and each dog must “work” for their food. This can be “speaking” “twirling” “sitting” anything I wanted them to do, but they must do something to earn food. One by one each of my little dogs came to eat, bowl in my hand, and they showed me, one by one, that they wanted their meal. We used the meal to teach the new puppy to climb down the stairs (which she was struggling with before) by placing the bowl with one portion on the step just below her, one by one she mastered the down the stairs path!

Bailey, my 5 year old Maltese, danced and spun and sweet Bailey earned his dinner by dancing for me! Mica, my yorkie, she came for dinner and immediately seeing the bowl sat down, and that earned her a plate of scrumptious raw diet and chicken I had prepared! Madison and chi chi were tough, they wouldn’t do much… finally Madison came up on her hinds and danced for dinner. Chi Chi was another story. When she saw that she needed to do something to be fed, she ran to her princess bed, jumped up, sat and expected me to serve her!! Well, no more serving her in bed! I worked with her for hours later that night until she finally sat down for her food.

All in all the session was great. It was fun, informative, and it is beginning to put peace and life with my most cherished dogs in a place that is so enjoyable! I love spending time with my pups, but as Dr. Soto teaches me to teach them boundaries, life is immeasurably more enjoyable when they are not psycho barking, jumping all over everyone and everywhere and they are not nervous in every situation. Little by little he is showing that they are more at peace when they understand the boundaries, the rules and we have order in the house!

Stay tuned for pics and bio of Dr. Jose Soto, and for our next lesson!! In the meantime, I am practicing all he taught us.

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Easy Steps to a House Trained Puppy

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