Labrador on Veterinarian table

Concierge Veterinary Medicine

We strive to provide the best medical care for your pet and to deliver it with comfort and compassion. Accident? Illness? Injury? It is our commitment to be available when you need us for veterinary care.

What is Concierge Veterinary Medicine?

Is it right for you and your pet?

Here at PetLife Animal Hospital in West Palm Beach, our concept of Concierge Pet Care is to assist you in all aspects of the care and services your pet will require for all aspects of its life, and for that care to be provided at a step above the current trends in health care.

The PetLife veterinary medical and dental department works hand-in-hand with our grooming salon & spa in caring for each and every aspect of your pet’s health needs.

father and son playing with dog for Concierge Veterinary Medicine

We can assist you and your pet with:

PetLife Animal Hospital is a unique pet center working hand-in-hand with each of our departments to provide your pet with individualized care, so that your pet may lead the best possible quality of life, and stay at your side as long as possible.

Our goal is to lead your pet in total body wellness, to lead a happy and healthy life.

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