Let the dog training begin!

I will be posting information, a step by step experience, with our new dog trainer at PetLife and the experience I have with him working with my 5 dogs.

The story …

I have 5 small dogs. Anyone who owns small dogs will attest to the fact that they are so different than large breeds. Almost a different species altogether if you ask me. I do, however, love them dearly. Most of my pack came from our hospital at PetLife. They were abandoned for one reason or another, and I also have my two Yorkies and my new Poodle pup. Together, we have a home full of love, but absolute chaos, and anyone who comes in to PetLife will attest, they are psychotic barkers! So, we needed help! Lot’s of help to get the house under control, set boundaries, and stop the insane barking 24/7!

Dr. Jose Soto has joined PetLife, right now on a part time basis. He is a Veterinarian from El Salvador, he has his MBA and he has amazing experience with personal dog training. He helps train Police dogs and security dogs… I will post his entire resume in my next post. He is amazing!! He came to us referred by Dr. Nestor Urrutia, as they both attended Vet school together.

Our first visit was fascinating, and it was only the “consult”! He brought a video camera set up. He positioned it so he could see all my pack, and then he and I went outside. He then rang the doorbell and watched the inside chaos and barking hysteria begin! Long story short, it took him 8 seconds to determine my pack “alpha” female. The LEADER OF THE PACK!! She is my Mica, my 2 year old yorkshire terrier. She is all of 3 pounds soaking wet, but she evidently rules the roost! Mica suffers from collapsing trachea. She barks insanely, then her throat collapses and she can’t breathe. She turns blue and eventually will pass out if I don’t comfort and control her and help her breathe calmly.

Running a close second is my Madison, my other 3 pound Yorkie. She is the Beta female and explains why I thought the two girls hate each other and fight often. They are competing for first place leadership! He explained that our lessons and training would first concentrate on these two girls. Teach the leader, and she will teach the pack, and give the cues on how to behave going forward.

Tomorrow is our first real lesson, he will be back! I will post pic’s and video’s of our training sessions. I am really excited at the possibility of getting peace in the household again and learning the art of behavior training. I also hope this training with give comfort and peace to my dogs. I know it will surely help Mica and avoid these fits of barking and breathing difficulties.

I hope all who will follow will both enjoy and learn. Dr. Soto is available for private, in-home training through PetLife Animal Hospital. Let the training begin!

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