February is National Pet Dental Month

Is your pet suffering from pain, tenderness, and discomfort? Smelly breath? Eating habits changing? Have you brought your dog or cat for a *Free Dental Screening?

All this month, PetLife is offering our pet community a *FREE dental screening. Contact us today to schedule your no-charge visit and let us help you determine if your pet is suffering from dental disease.

  • Does your pet have bad breath?
  • Does your pet have visible plaque and tartar?
  • Does your pet have loose teeth?
  • Have you looked at the gum and gum line?

Dental Disease spreads infection and bacteria to every part of your pet’s body. If bacteria is present in the mouth, your pet swallows bacteria constantly and breaths spores into their lungs with every breath. Can you imagine having tooth pain and not being able to tell your loved one you need help? Early, routine dental cleaning and polishing makes a difference in the well-being and health of your pet.

Contact PetLife Animal Hospital today to schedule your *No-Charge Screening this month only!

*Appointment is required. Other restrictions may apply.

Pet Adoption

PetLife is looking for a furr-ever family for these beautiful puppies and senior dogs. Any family interested in Adoption, with room in their hearts and home should call or come to PetLife to make Application for Adoption.

How to Keep Your Cat’s Ears Healthy

An important part of keeping your cat healthy and happy is checking and cleaning their ears. Because the ears are one of the few parts that cats can not reach themselves they need a little help from a loving owner. Keeping your cats ears clean is extremely important because any dirt, debris, or wax can clog the ears and cause infections. Regular ear cleaning at home augment's your cats own natural grooming habits.

Easy Steps to a House Trained Puppy

Getting a new puppy is always an occasion for joy, but for first-timers, it can also be stressful. Of course, you want to get everything right, so that you and your new best friend can enjoy many happy years together, and that means training your puppy to become a good canine citizen. Before you get going on obedience training, though, start with house training.

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