Jack’s Life-Saving Cardiac Surgery

Jack's Life Saving Surgery

PetLife Animal Hospital is hosting this fundraiser to raise the money needed for life-saving surgery for this little orphan Maltese-Havanese puppy.

Jack was pulled from a kill-shelter where he was left due to a heart murmur. PetLife has loved, cared and supported him since last June, while looking for a permanent home for him. A recent diagnostic ultra-sound was performed by local specialist and Jack’s heart condition has been diagnosed, and the results much more grave than we had earlier thought.

Jack has no owner, no family, has lived much his puppy-hood in our hospital, but getting lot’s of love and nurturing from the staff at PetLife. We do not provide the kind of open-heart procedure Jack needs. He needs a cardiac specialist to perform life-saving Heart surgery.

PetLife will donate all of Jack’s post-surgical and recovery care, medication, but we need to pay a surgeon!

Jack does not have much time left! Dr. Hayes, the diagnostician, believes Jack can lose his fight at any time, as his heart and lungs fight to compensate the assault from his faulty valve and potential damage to his lungs due to the tremendous volume of blood rushing through his tiny chest.

Please help us raise the funds needed to pay the veterinary cardiac surgical specialist! We will do all the rest! If Jack has the surgery and survives, he will be placed for adoption.

Any sponsor wanting to adopt him and sponsor his surgery can contact PetLife to arrange for his care!

Please help! A orphan puppy without a family has no other hope of getting the life-saving treatment that Jack needs! Perhaps a small donation from many can get us there for this darling, sweet, happy boy!!

The staff of PetLife, who has grown to love him so, will provide all he needs before and after the procedure and be sure to find him a forever, permanent family, once he is well and has a hope for a future!

Time is running out for Jack, he needs our help right away!

Please Give What You Can

Pet Adoption

PetLife is looking for a furr-ever family for these beautiful puppies and senior dogs. Any family interested in Adoption, with room in their hearts and home should call or come to PetLife to make Application for Adoption.

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