Laser Therapy Treatment at PetLife Animal Hospital

Laser TherapyMika luxuriates during her Laser Therapy Treatment!

Mika has many physical problems for such a young dog, Dr. Tiffany Schmidt suggested Laser Therapy before considering surgical intervention. Mika loved the experience and just sat and relaxed as the warm, gentle, massage-like light caressed her. She loved the goggles too! Never thought she would keep them on, but she did not move a muscle as she slipped into her zen-space during the treatment. We all felt bad when her treatment time was up. She was at peace the rest of the day!

Now she will be happy to come to the hospital as she awaits her next “spa” treatment, never realizing how much it will help all her aches and pains.¬†We think Mika believes she is a movie star, and what a cute star she is!

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Pet Adoption

PetLife is looking for a furr-ever family for these beautiful puppies and senior dogs. Any family interested in Adoption, with room in their hearts and home should call or come to PetLife to make Application for Adoption.

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