woman holding cat for preventative pet care

Preventative Pet Care

Preventative Pet Care or wellness care is a positive approach to dog and cat health that considers everything from vaccines to your family’s lifestyle.

Preventative Pet Care or Wellness Care

As a year in your pet’s life is equal to six or seven human years, preventative pet care means a more consistent approach to prevention than a simple annual checkup. For all pets, we recommend wellness exams every six months, comparable to a doctor’s visit every three years for you.

We believe this timetable is crucially important to detect developing problems early, when they are most treatable, and to spread out the basic veterinary care, dental exams and cleanings, blood work, diagnostic testing, and vaccines over a year, with less trauma to pets and to your pocketbook.

PetLife Animal Hospital works with every client to determine the best approach to care for your cat or dog, as well as the preventative pet care regime that fits your family’s needs and lifestyle.

Our basic pet care protocol is tailored to each individual pet, but in most cases include the following:

Pet wellness care is geared toward enhancing and prolonging life in every pet, and at PetLife Animal Hospital, we are dedicated to helping you enjoy a positive relationship with your beloved companion for many years to come.

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