PetLife Senior Community Program

PetLife can work together to help support the needs of senior community residents and their pets by bringing our services to them. Our Veterinarians will come to the property throughout the year and speak to residents about many topics related to pet health and pet care, routine maintenance and how to avoid costly illness. They will be available for questions from residents regarding the best way to navigate the decisions regarding diet, exercise, preventative care and help find a path to health for their pets.

Service right in your community
The PetLife Senior Program offers wellness events, vaccination & booster clinics, heartworm prevention and free dental disease screening exams.

Senior Program

When your pet needs more than we can provide at your home …

Weekly/Monthly Pet Transportation
Shuttle Pick Up & Drop Off

The PetLife Shuttle will come to your community, at your door, to pick up and drop off your pet for monthly grooming appointments, veterinary appointments, dental services, boarding visits, or for any other reason your pet needs to be seen in the clinic. The shuttle will bring your pet back at the end of the day, safe and sound!

Lecture Series “Ask the Veterinarian” in Your Clubhouse

A PetLife Veterinarian will come to your clubhouse to speak for approximately 1.5 hours, 2-3 times each year, or as needed. The Vet will discuss a multitude of topics related to pet care, training, resources available to pet owners and any pet topics of interest to the community. These informal gatherings are fun, informative, interactive and can be helpful in guiding the pet owner to understand the changing needs of their pet.

Deeply Discounted Services!

Once a community accepts our “55+ Community Program” and approves PetLife to be the Veterinary provider to assist its residents. All services, wellness plans, dental & diagnostic services will be set at program fees which are deeply discounted rates for residents of the community. (PetLife hopes to see a minimum of 50 residents join in this program prior to including the community in our shuttle and visit schedule)

Monthly Maintenance Groom!

The PetLife Monthly Maintenance Groom is a great opportunity for owners with dogs under 35lbs to have their pet groomed each and every month for the low price of $29. This groom includes a bath, nail clip, ear cleaning and puppy cut. Imagine salon services, a clean, happy, and healthy dog each and every month. And to boot, we will pick up and drop off for your monthly visit! Never has grooming your dog been so affordable and so convenient!

24/7 Support from the PetLife Veterinary Team!

Your community will have 24/7 access to our staff, Veterinarians and any other pet support services you need. We are a 7-day-a week center, and we will always be available to serve you and your pet’s needs.

Monthly Community Services**!

Our team will come each and every month to provide these updated services for any member of our program. Blood work diagnostics, heart-worm, and other diagnostic tests can be obtained right there in your clubhouse and not require a visit to the hospital.

Once the community accepts the program, we will set up a monthly on-site visit schedule (at the community clubhouse) to come with our Veterinary medical team and update vaccinations, heart-worm tests and heart-worm prevention injections (dogs need one every six months) and anything else a resident may need which does not require a hospital visit.

The services listed above are offered only for the communities that participate in our “55+ Community Program”

*Pick Up/Drop Off service is a complimentary shuttle.

**Residents taking part in this monthly visit to the community must be a Wellness Plan Holder (VIP Card) or have previously made arrangements with our office. Only Pets with a clinical relationship established can receive services in these on-site visits