The PetLife Educational Series – Why Spay or Neuter Your Pet

The decision to spay or neuter your pet is an important one for pet owners. It can be the single best decision you make for your pets long-term welfare. Getting your pet spayed or neutered can reduce the number of homeless pets killed, improve your pet’s health, reduce unruly behavior, save on the cost of pet care, avoid heartbreak by losing your pet early in life. Getting your pets spayed or neutered will not change their fundamental personality, like their protective instinct. As most know, literally millions of unwanted and homeless pets are euthanized each and every year due to overcrowding and limited room in shelters.

Fact: Neutered male dogs live 18% longer than un-neutered male dogs. Spayed female dogs live 23% longer than un-spayed female dogs.

Fact: Spaying reduces risk of certain cancers. Un-spayed female cats and dogs have a far greater chance of developing Pyometra (a fatal uterine infection), uterine cancer, and other cancers of the reproductive system.

Fact: Females spayed before their first heat are typically healthier throughout their life. Male pets who are neutered eliminate their chances of getting testicular cancer, and they have lowered rates of prostate cancer, as well.

Spay/Neuter will curb bad behavior:

  • Unneutered dogs are much more assertive and prone to urine-marking (lifting his leg) than neutered dogs. Spaying or neutering your dog should reduce urine-marking and may stop it altogether.
  • For cats, the urge to spray is extremely strong in an intact cat, and the simplest solution is to get yours neutered or spayed by 4 months of age before there’s even a problem.
  • Neutering solves 90% of all marking issues, even in cats that have been doing it for a while. It can also minimize howling, the urge to roam, and fighting with other males.
  • In both cats and dogs, the longer you wait, the greater the risk you run of the surgery not doing the trick because the behavior is so ingrained.

When you factor in the long-term costs incurred by a non-altered pet, the savings afforded by spay/neuter are clear (especially given the affordable, low-cost of these procedures at PetLife).

Contact PetLife today to schedule your pet for spay/neuter surgery. The life you save, may be your pets!

Pet Adoption

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